Tina, AMPLIFY Program Specialist

"Growing up in eastside San Jose drove me to always work with compassion and a purpose. Reflecting on my college experiences and upbringing, I realized the importance of community-based organizations and the differences they make in society. I was a former Betting On Our Future (BOOF) participant at AACI in 2011. Through BOOF, I learned about a community health issue and how youth can take action and raise awareness for this issue.

As a Program Specialist for AMPLIFY, I am humbled by the opportunity to work directly with youth in the community that I grew up in. Throughout my years in this field, I realized that I love working with youth because I enjoy seeing them grow and develop into the best form of themselves. AMPLIFY provides a space for youth to build their confidence, which I believe is essential for achieving dreams. I once read somewhere, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.” I think that it is important for youth to dream big because it instills self-confidence - dreaming big means that they believe they can and will accomplish their goals. With the opportunity gap that youth in the community face, I think it can be intimidating to dream big. I know this from personal experience. However, my family, friends, mentors, and community reassured me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Programs like AMPLIFY provide youth with a safe space for development and mentors who are rooting for their success in accomplishing their dreams. As a mentor in this program, I want the youth to know that I support them."

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