• Q&A with AACI Board Member Marsha Fong

Marsha Fong is an AACI Board Member who grew up in San Jose. Her career has been dedicated to public service and has taken her from art therapy and social services to operations and organizational development. In her retirement, Marsha is looking forward to traveling the world and has her sights set on Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia and Greece!

Q:  How did you first become involved with AACI?

A:  I first heard about AACI through my father, Ted Fong, who was involved with AACI when it was founded. I met the AACI founders in my living room and grew up with it. But it was not until I started to explore and learn more about the Asian American identity and experience that I started to more fully understand and appreciate AACI’s work in the community.

Q:  What motivated you to serve on AACI’s Board of Directors?

A:  I recently retired and it was always my intent to volunteer and give back to my community. Serving with AACI was meant to happen at this point in my life and I am really grateful for it. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to honor my father by working where he worked. When I first joined the Board, I did not know if I had anything to offer, but I soon realized that my experiences offer a different voice.

Q:  What made you decide to honor your mother through a memorial gift to AACI?

A: AACI’s Former CEO Michele Lew told me something that I believe to be true she said “You bleed AACI, AACI runs through your blood.” My family has seen AACI develop from the true grassroots, to where it is now. Although my father was the most deeply involved, my mother felt close to AACI as well. Toward the end of her life, we went together to AACI’s new site at Story Road. The staff were so nice and gave my mother a tour. She could not believe how much AACI had grown!  My brother and I planned this gift long before my mother passed - it felt natural, there was never a question about choosing AACI!





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