Youth Spotlight: Jessica Nguyen

At 17, Jessica Nguyen is a four-year participant and now-alum of the Betting on our Future project (BOOF). The extracurriculars in high school, she said, were all kind of similar and she wanted something that stood out. That’s where BOOF came in.

“Sharing the BOOF projects made me feel happy because we were doing it for a good cause,” she said. “BOOF really impacts the community. My favorite project is the short film because it’s more fun and you can put a lot of details into the story.” BOOF connected her with students from other schools, whereas before, she was limited to her own high school. Jessica created amazing friendships while participating in BOOF and she knows those friendships will last a lifetime.

As an intern for AMPLIFY for the last 6 months, Jessica supported the General Interest group with the art and team-building activities. “AMPLIFY reminded me why I want to work with youth in the future for my career.”

Education is very important to Jessica and she believes that the subjects taught in schools should be broadened to real-life issues such as problem gambling. Learning about these types of topics, she said, will affect the way youth take on issues in our community and in the world. “Education and knowledge of real-life topics is important,” said Jessica, “and we should be inclusive of what is taught in schools. We need these topics because, as youth, we are a fraction of the population, but 100% of the future!”

Jessica graduated from Evergreen Valley High School in May 2017 and is now attending De Anza College. At EVHS, she was involved in the marching band—she knows how to play 8 instruments, including the flugel horn!—and the National Honor Society. Now, she wants to learn how to draw as well as why people act the way they do.

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