Meet AACI Community Outreach Liaison Hoang: Helping Others with his Heart!

Hoang is extremely grateful for the help he received since he immigrated to America from Vietnam in 2009. His grandfather sponsored his whole family after his parents decided to move, wishing for their children to have a better education and life standard.

Hoang faced many challenges when he arrived: the language barrier and finding a job. Culture was also a gap Hoang needed to overcome. During this overwhelming transition, Hoang’s aunt was always there to support him: she provided his family with food, clothes, utilities and furniture. In addition to her help, Hoang’s family got food stamps from the government.

Hoang also received a fee waiver and financial aid when he was studying to get his A.S degree in Health Science. His studies led him to become an intern as a Patient Navigator at AACI in February 2014. In August 2014, Hoang got a full-time offer at AACI as a Vietnamese translator and a Community Outreach Liaison. “The moment I got a job offer from AACI was my best memory here because it represents not only my first full-time earning job, but I know that being part of AACI, I am also walking on the right path to support the community,” Hoang said.

Now that he is able to support himself, Hoang wants to help others the way he was helped: “It is my pleasure to give back with my time, my work, my volunteering and my heart.”

Hoang believes that giving back is a necessary thing that people should do and need to practice. If you cannot donate your money, Hoang recommends helping by donating your time, work, knowledge or anything valuable that you have in order to help and support others.

Outside of work, Hoang volunteers at the Asian Law Alliance, where free workshops for citizenship are offered. Hoang also helps organizations make free announcements on TV and the radio when those are beneficial for the community.

Hoang was part of AACI’s fundraising efforts during Silicon Valley Gives 2015 and 2016. In Hoang’s words: “To anyone who is thinking to give to AACI, I want to say: No matter who you are or what you do, give us a hand, or both hands, to help the community. You can be certain that the moment you give to AACI, life is changing for the best! AACI staff members work hard and help each other. AACI is like my family, my coworkers are my brothers and sisters. In addition, AACI is a non-profit organization that brings many beneficial programs and services to the community with no or very low cost. I greatly appreciate AACI for the precious missions they are doing.”

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