AMPLIFY Experience by Christal Tran

               "I was born, imprinted with a name called Christal. I grew up, tried living a “normal” life, but nothing to me was normal. I didn’t like the typical gossip things and trends that went around in life. It all disgusted me. At school, at home, and anywhere, I told myself and taunted myself that I will NEVER fit in.

                However, 6th grade came like a bullet, and I decided to let my shy little feet step into what is called AMPLIFY, a place to interact, learn, and especially, live. The first cohort there made me cry. It made me cry because I was so happy that I got to meet so many people, and all with amazing personalities. They became the escape of all my fears and doubts. At AMPLIFY, I learned about photography, filming, and different forms of art, and I made friends with everyone. They always encouraged me to push myself because they saw potential. They offered me adventures and great lessons every minutes of every day that I was with them. They took care of me like a second family, and if I ever lose them, I’ll feel like I have lost everything.

                 I’m in 8th grade now, still in AMPLIFY, and the younger self that said I’ll never fit in is just one big lie, because there is always a place for each and every one of us. So apparently, right here, right now, AMPLIFY is where I belong."

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