Anne Marie, The 3Waves Program Specialist & AMPLIFY Assistant

(Shown in grey sweater)

“After graduating as a Health Science major from San Jose State University in 2016, I found AACI and instantly knew it was the place for me. From its values to its unity, AACI has shown me the awesome work that can happen when people of all backgrounds come together in respect, openness, and collaboration. I have so much pride in the work that I do here, especially for our youth. 

While assisting in AMPLIFY, I have worked closely with our youth participants doing projects that allow them to express themselves through art, music, and even dance. In addition to giving youth a safe space outside of school, I have seen the transformation that AMPLIFY has given to them— boosting self-esteem, encouraging creativity, and creating confident leaders in even the shyest students.

As a program specialist for The 3Waves, I have been able to reach over three-thousand middle and high school students across Santa Clara County giving substance use prevention presentations in the past year. I was amazed to see how students actively participated in the discussions around the impacts of Alcohol and Other Drugs, and how well they received our team’s message about being resources for themselves and others. Each time I presented in a classroom, I thought to myself that each one of the teens was someone’s son or daughter—who were loved dearly—and that I had the opportunity to share valuable information that could really help them one day.

I am thrilled to be able to be a part of these two programs at AACI reaching teens all over our diverse county, especially having grown up in East San Jose myself. Not only is it important to help our youth dream, but it is equally important to protect their dreams through education, support, and encouragement.”

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