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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2017 | 6 PM - 9 PM
Annual Gala & Award Presentation
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Gordon N. Chan Leadership Award

Dave Cortese
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Dave Cortese is Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors’ President. Prior to joining the Board, Dave Cortese served eight years on the San Jose City Council, including two as Vice Mayor for the City of San Jose. 

Dave won a seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors in 2008 and was reelected in 2012. In his current term, his accomplishments include securing funding for more school crossing guards and an evaluation of "hot spots" of pedestrian and bicycle accidents and fatalities in order to improve conditions. He helped form an anti-Human Trafficking task force by sponsoring an $850,000 budget item. 

One of Dave’s greatest accomplishments was declaring 2011 “the Year of the Child”, making a call to eliminate youth incarceration. By working with youth service providers and the Justice System, he was able to reduce the number of youth sent to Juvenile Hall and other detention facilities. At its peak several years ago, the Juvenile Hall and Ranches housed 350. In 2015, that number was 158.

This was accomplished by transitioning juvenile hall employees out into the community to deal with intervention, prevention and reform instead of punishment and by phasing out jail for 13- to 15-year-olds, except for the most violent crimes.

Dave pushed a direct referral program that worked with area police departments to screen and guide first-time young offenders toward community-based organizations for intervention prior to their arrests.

Dave was educated at Bellarmine College Prep and UC Davis where he earned a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Political Science. He earned his Juris Doctorate at Lincoln University Law School in San Jose. Dave grew up in San Jose as part of a family that has been active in civic, cultural and business activities for generations. He is married to Pattie Cortese and has four children. 
People's Advocate Award

John Chiang
State of California

John Chiang was elected in 2014 as California’s State Treasurer. He oversees trillions of dollars in annual transactions, manages a $75 billion investment portfolio, and is the nation’s largest issuer of municipal bonds. In addition, he chairs financing authorities that help provide good-paying jobs, better schools, improved transportation, quality healthcare, more affordable housing and a cleaner environment. 

Chiang has made transparency a top priority, believing that sharing information with taxpayers enables them to hold government officials accountable.
A few of Chiang’s accomplishments include: 

- Cutting red tape and accessing billions in untapped federal resources for the state’s largest affordable housing program, which has led to an 80% increase in the number of homes built or rehabilitated since 2014. 

- Cutting off a big bank from its most profitable lines of business with the State of California after it was found to have fleeced thousands of its customers. 

- Overseeing the market studies, legal analysis, and design work for the newly created California Secure Choice Retirement Program.

- Sponsoring a bill requiring greater accountability and transparency over how state and local governments borrow and spend taxpayer monies.

Prior to being elected Treasurer, Chiang served as State Controller. He began his career as a tax law specialist with the IRS and previously served as an attorney in the State Controller’s Office.
The son of immigrant parents, Chiang graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance. He received his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center.

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